This Mario Kart-Inspired Hair Will Have You Racing Into the Salon

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Lately, gray hair and peekaboo dye-jobs are two of the most popular hair trends we’ve seen, and thanks to Colorado-based hairstylist Taylor Rae, you can now rock both of these looks at once. Why? Because Taylor just created a Mario Kart-inspired hairstyle where the layers hidden underneath the gray locks look alarmingly similar to the Rainbow Road course in the popular racing video game. Take a look:

Isn’t it mesmerizing?! Luckily, the stylist spoke with Allure about the look and how it came about, saying, “I love creating vivid rainbow looks, so when my client came in giving me complete creative freedom, I wanted to give her something that really pops.”

Well, it definitely pops, and from one look at Tay’s Instagram, it’s safe to say she absolutely loves experimenting with color.

If you’re feeling daring and want to try something like this for yourself, we’ve got good news! Taylor told the mag that virtually anyone can rock the RR ‘do.

“I definitely think this type of color can look good on everyone,” she explained. “You can change up the top overlay color with blues, purples, and even your natural color to create a custom look.”

Before you go out and buy all sorts of crazy colors of hair dye, though, be warned: this look should only be done by a pro. Why? Well, according to Allure, “The bold hues require precise blending and application to perfect the color melt look.” Still, if you feel compelled to try it, go ahead and make an appointment with a professional colorist! Summer is right around the corner and this rainbow look would be PERFECT for the warm-weather months.

Take it from Taylor, who also told the mag, “Anyone who can rock vivid hair has a fun, funky, outgoing personality and this color could be a way for people on the more timid side of things to try it out.” We couldn’t agree more!