This is the Rainbow Dye Job That Never Ends… and We’re OBSESSED with It

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Rainbow hair has been one of the most magical hair trends for a while now, and we’ve gotta say… we NEVER get tired of it! And even though the trend looks amazing on, well, everyone who dares to try it, we LOVE when people put an interesting spin on rainbow hair, as if it’s not already exotic-looking enough.

When Allure mag brought this masterpiece to our attention, we truly couldn’t believe our eyes. The rainbow dye job that was done by Instagram-user Rebecca Taylor has one thing that all of the other rainbow hair dye jobs are lacking, and that’s the length! After one client walking in with damaged blonde hair almost to her knees, Rebecca did the opposite of what most hairstylists would’ve suggested. Rather than cutting it all off, Rebecca kept the length and added several different vibrant colors to create the rainbow hair of our dreams. See?

I’m just gonna leave this little morsel right here ??‍♀️? Color on @dhea.anijarv done in one step/no bleaching with @trilliontones. Last time I did hair this long was on @treelocks in Australia and it literally took me two days AND I had to bleach first (even though she was the same starting level as this model). This took me four hours because the color lifted/deposited simultaneously. Life changed. Ded ? Mermaid tail pic snagged by my right hand broad @just_jboz @behindthechair_com @modernsalon @beautylaunchpad @american_salon @allure @cosmopolitan @buzzfeed #longhair #extemelylonghair #noextensions #healthierafter #literalmermaid #haircolor #colorfulhair #rainbowhair #prisms #beforeandafter #transformation #trilltribe #trilliontones

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We told you it was incredible! The best part? It only took four hours to create! Rebecca told Allure, “The last time I did hair this long, it needed to be bleached first in order for the color to show up and the whole process took two days. Now because of my new hybrid color line, the whole process only took me one stop in four hours.” Woah, woah, woah… did she just say something about her own color line?!

You heard that correctly, guys! If you’re as shook as we are about the vibrancy of the colors she used in this dye job, you can achieve that same color thanks to Trillion Tones, which, according to the magazine, is “a new hair color line designed by Taylor in partnership with Finnish hair brand Sin Sensitive.” The mag continued to explain that the brand “claims to be the first-ever hybrid color line that not only works as a permanent color, but also as a demi, semi, or toner.”

With 16 products to choose from, we have no doubt in our minds that you’ll be able to rock these incredible colors on your own head. However, you’re probably going to have to work on growing that hair out right about… NOW!