One of Your Fave Nickelodeon Stars is Now Dating a Fellow Nick Actor

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Add Rahart Adams and Sydney Park to the list of Nickelodeon actors who started dating IRL! The Instant Mom actress confirmed her relationship with the Every Witch Way star yesterday by posting an adorable picture of the couple making silly faces and kissing in a photo booth.

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While Rahart hasn’t made official Instagram announcement yet, he did re-tweet a selfie that Sydney posted on Twitter on November 5th, and talked about missing someone on the 2nd.

We’re not quite sure when the pair started dating, but they were both on Nickelodeon shows until 2015, and probably know each other from various events, award shows, etc.

Both young stars usually remain pretty quiet about their romantic lives, but the 20-year-old admitted that he’s a pretty awkward person, which sometimes puts him in uncomfortable situations on dates.

“I’m a really goofy, awkward person…not awkward as you can’t talk to me, but awkward as in, I’ll say something and think it’s really funny, but it’s actually not funny at all,” he told us. “Sometimes, if I go on a date with someone and we just don’t click, that’s just awkward. When I was younger I would always embarrass myself in front of a crush, though. I’d trip and make a fool of myself for no reason. I would blush and forget what I was saying and word vomit.”

Hopefully he’s grown out of that and he and Sydney are able to make it through their dates without anything too mortifying going down.

While Rahart and Syndey both acted on the same network, these couples actually met on the set of a specific Nick show: