Exclusive! Radio Silence NYC Wants Us to “Do Something” About Bullying

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Sure, there’s tons of new bands every day that try to make it in the music biz, but few go about it the way that Radio Silence NYC is. Instead of releasing a regular ol’ song and a regular ol’ video, the 4 dudes in the band, Zach, Tim, Wyatt and Dylan, are bringing awareness to bullying via their brand new song and video, “Renegade.” How, you ask? They’re partnering up with DoSomething.org to urge their fans and tons of teens to be tolerant and to stop bullying.

We got the EXCLUSIVE look at “Renegade” and chatted with the guys about the message they’re trying to get across, their experience with bullying, and, oh yeah, the super risque kissing scene in the vid. Click on!

Teen.com: What do you hope listeners will get out of your song?
First of all, we hope listeners love their introduction to Radio Silence NYC with our first song and video for “Renegade.” Second, but no less important, we hope people take our message to heart. We want everyone to know that they are free to be whomever they choose and that they don’t have to give in to anyone’s disrespect or hate.

Teen.com Were you guys ever bullied in school? If so, how did you overcome it?
Tim: I was never bullied in school. However, many of my friends in grammar and middle school were bullied, so I’m very familiar. Instead of deserting my friends who were being bullied, I tried to help them through it.
Dylan: Yes, I was bullied throughout middle school about my height. I eventually realized what people were saying to me had no meaning and that they were saying those things to make them feel better about themselves.

Teen.com: What tips do you give to kids who are dealing with bullies in their schools?
Wyatt: If you’re being bullied, the best way to overcome it is talk to a friend, parent, or even a school advisor. Friends and parents can help with advice, and school advisors can make an effort to change your situation in school. Don’t worry about being accused of being weak for getting help… that’s actually the strongest move you can make! This also goes for seeing it happen to someone else. Step up, step in and get involved or get help. In short – DO SOMETHING!
Zach: Know that you are who you are, and be confident about that.

Teen.com: Who do you think has it harder when it comes to bullies – guys or girls?
Wyatt: I don’t think you can classify a girl or boy as “having it harder.” Girls and boys both have the ability to say equally hurtful things. One aspect of bullying that might be harder for boys to deal with is the physical abuse. Bullying is equally bad for both sexes though, it doesn’t discriminate!
Tim: I’ve noticed boys getting bullied a lot more than girls. It seems that when boys get bullied, it’s not just one or two kids doing the bullying, but instead a whole lunch table, football team, etc.

In the video you have a pretty graphic scene of two girls making out. Why did you choose to go that route?
Wyatt: This scene is meant to really enforce our message. These girls are exploring what they feel, but their inner demons and the people around them are pulling them apart. Sometimes you have to shock people into seeing that love is something everyone is entitled to, and hatred is always the enemy.
Dylan: We chose this as a metaphor- that the girls represented anyone who might be a little different. The makeout scene is just an additional piece to the concept that adds a factor of intensity to the video.

Teen.com: Your song has this touching line “hatred is the enemy.” Do you have a mantra you live by?
Wyatt: I live by three rules: work hard, have fun, and respect others.
Dylan: Don’t care what others think of you.
Tim: What goes around comes around.
Zach: Bullying is BULL@*#!

What do you think of Radio Silence NYC’s music debut? What do you do to stop bullying at your school? Tell us below!