14 of the Most Racist Moments of 2015

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The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter

2015 was a great year to be racist AF.

Seriously, racism always has been and might always be a problem, but this year seemed to really up the ante. Where to start? The Charleston shooting? Kylie Jenner getting praise for rocking cornrows? Or maybe the Islamophobia that increased tenfold this year? Anything that came out of Donald Trump‘s mouth? Woof, so many things to choose from, I’m tellin’ you.

So, if anybody ever tries to pull that, “Racism used to be a problem, but isn’t so much anymore. OMG, there’s a Black president” mess with you, please feel free to point them to the calendar year of 2015 and call them out on their nonsense. Or, just direct them to this post about the 14 most racist moments of 2015:

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