Rachel McAdams is Reportedly Pregnant with Her 1st Child & She’s Due SOON!

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We know most people are still pulling for Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling to make their relationship from The Notebook come to life, but it’s looking like the on-screen chemistry is going to be stopped there forever. The 37-year-old actor already has two kids with longtime girlfriend Eva Mendes and now it’s being reported that the 39-year-old is pregnant with her first child!

A source reportedly saw the Game Night star and boyfriend Jamie Linden out to dinner in Atlanta, Georgia, the day before Valentine’s Day and told Life & Style magazine “she looked to be at least seven months pregnant.”

“They were a low-key couple and not outwardly affectionate,” the eyewitness said of the possible parents-to-be.

Apparently, the actress also “revealed [her pregnancy] to a friendly stranger at the restaurant.”

“When they were leaving, somebody asked Rachel if she knew if she was having a boy or girl and she said she didn’t know!”

Rachel and Jaime have been dating since (at least) April 2016 and there were rumors last year that they got engaged. While that speculation was never confirmed, a source did tell Hollywood Life that the Mean Girls alum is super serious about her screenwriter bae.

“Rachel is ready to settle down and start a family,” the insider revealed last year. “She can’t wait to start the rest of her life with Jamie. No one’s ever made [Rachel] feel this way. Jamie’s stolen her heart.”

The reports of the actress’ pregnancy are not confirmed at this point, but we do have to make note that she’s been keeping a very low profile over the past several months (Kylie Jenner, anyone??). In fact, the last time she hit the red carpet was at the Disobedience premiere at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival in early September.

If the rumors are true, CONGRATS!