Rachel B’s Tees

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If you ever, ever, ever thought you couldn’t have enough tee-shirts, we’re here to remind you that you can’t.  Take one of our favorite style stars, Rachel Bilson, who manages to always make a tee look absolutely perfect and remind us that the essential item can’t get old. How does she pick? Which line does she love the most? We’ve got all the deets! Plus a photo gallery of Rachel B’s inspiring outfits with tees…

In this month’s In Style Magazine, Rachel revealed that her favorite tee-shirts are from Market, a line of baby-soft, tissue-thin tees that come in loads of different colors. Kristen Stewart is also a fan of the line’s soft scoop and V-necks.

So if you’re wondering what to wear tomorrow? Click to flip through Rachel’s best ensembles with tees!

Which look are you going to copy cat? Tell us below!