Just Sayin’: Rachel’s Prom Dress Is Pretty Much the Same as Hailee’s Oscars Gown

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The second we saw Rachel Berry chillin’ in her pink prom dress on last night’s prom episode, we thought “OMG, that looks just like Hailee Steinfeld‘s Oscars dress.” The same light pink tulle, the same strapless neckline, the same t-length hem. Totally the same dress. Except Hailee’s is designer and Rachel’s is off-the-rack, but whatever, same thing. And we’re not even remotely surprised, since Hailee and Rachel, er, Lea Michele are, like, always on our Best Dressed list.

Right? Don’t you think the two dresses are so similar? Click for closeups!

Do you think Rachel’s dress looks like Hailee’s? Which of the gleeks’ prom dresses was your fave? We wanna know in the comments!