The Incestuous Picture of the R5 Brothers That’ll Make You Disturbed AF

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We love R5 just as much as the next person does, but what the actual EFF is going on with the band right now?! That is literally our only reaction to the promiscuous shower picture featuring Riker, Ross and Rocky Lynch that hit Instagram in the early hours of the morning.

The oldest Lynch brother took to his social media account to share a predicament that he and his two brothers slash bandmates were dealing with; a lack of hot water, which apparently meant they all had to rip their clothes off and shower together for conservation purposes. See for yourself:

While we’ll admit that we may have had some naughty thoughts about the hottie musicians before, it’s still just a tad uncomfortable thinking of them taking a group of three grown-up brothers taking a shower together in the buff. Couldn’t they just have like, a game night instead? More importantly, who the heck took this picture?! Please tell us that it wasn’t their sister, Rydel. If that’s the case, excuse us while we gag.

Whatever the explanations may be, the Lynch brothers now join the ranks of other stars who posted risque photos on their grams.

Hmmm, we wonder what the Disney Channel is making of this one. While, the youngest member of the band’s Austin & Ally days have recently ended, we’re sure they won’t be happy to hear that another one of their prodigies has gone wild, having NSFW pictures surfacing around the web.

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