Exclusive: R5 Talks New Music, What’s Coming Up On Austin & Ally and More!

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To say the members of R5 are busy would be an understatement. Currently Ross, Riker, Rydel, Rocky and Ratliff are busy gearing up for their new EP “Heart Made Up On You” (which they’ve been posting teasers to every single day!), touring the country on the Live On Tour tour and acting on hit shows. Whew! In the midst of the chaos, however, they still found some time to sit down and chat with little ol’ Teen.com while celebrating their Ring Pop #RockThatRock music video premiere! Commence freak out, R5 Family!

We asked the Lynch (and Ratliff!) clan about everything from celebrity crushes and new music to upcoming Austin & Ally story lines and behind-the-scenes Glee secrets. And, as per youge, the band gave some awesome answers! Click through the gallery below to read the full interview!