13 R-Rated Teen Movies That Everyone Should Watch in Their Teens

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Not every teen movie is considered appropriate for the average teen to watch. That is, according to movie rating organizations like the MPAA (Motion Picture Association Of America). The MPAA has been the subject of controversy since its inception in 1922, especially with the criticism that its more strict about a film’s language and sex content than its violence. How many violent PG-13 movies have you seen? A movie with a few F-bombs and a flash of boobies gets an R-rating. Teen classic Dazed and Confused is rated R for foul language and pot smoking. Meanwhile, Taken — a movie with never-ending violence and human sex trafficking — is rated PG-13.

How does that make any sense?

It’s usually content like language and sexuality that leads some of the best teen movies to be deemed inappropriate for anyone under the age of 17 years old. And while there are plenty of R-rated movies about teens that are straight up risque and lewd, there are plenty of others that are poignant and inspiring. So check out this list of 13 R-rated teen movies that every teen should see, even if they aren’t allowed to:

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