10 Questions Makeup Addicts Are Sick of Answering

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To some, makeup is a tedious, unnecessary step in one's morning routine. To others, it's a driving factor in starting the day off right. And when these two types of people get together, some interesting arguments can emerge — natural vs. glam, real eyelashes vs. fake eyelashes, etc. We're speaking for all you makeup addicts out there when we say there's NOTHING wrong with loving cosmetics. From foundation and lip gloss to blush and bronzer, the possibilities are endless! Alternatively, there's also nothing wrong with preferring to go au naturale. (To each her own.) But please, for the love of Sephora, could you stop asking us these ridiculous questions?

1."Don't you already have that lip color?" CLEARLY these two glosses are two shades apart. Clearly.


2. "How many foundations do you really need?" Umm, a lot, okay? You never know if you'll feel like looking matte or dewy or tan.

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3. "Can I borrow one of your mascaras?" Yuck! And the answer is no. Do you want pink eye?

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4. "Isn't red lipstick for old ladies?" Ever heard of Taylor Swift?

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5. "You spent HOW much on that?" Don't judge.

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6. "Who are you trying to impress by wearing all that makeup?" FYI, wearing makeup doesn't mean you're trying to impress someone.


7. "There's no difference between Chanel and CoverGirl, right?" Yes… there is…

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8. "What's so great about Sephora?" Where to even begin?? So. Many. Things.

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9. "Are makeup brushes really worth it?" Unless you want your makeup to go on like finger paint, yes they are.


10. "Wait, how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?" If you're not the one setting your alarm to wake up, why do you care how long it takes others to get ready?

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And for everyone who can't get enough of Jennifer Lawrence's makeup, you'll want to check out this awesome tutorial:

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