9 Male Artists Whose Music Videos Feature LGBTQ+ Couples

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It’s no secret that a ton of celebs such as Troye Sivan and Josh Hutcherson love to use their voices to take a stand against homophobia. Between attending public marches, promoting equality on social media and donating to various charities, stars take advantage of having a public platform to promote equality for all — as they should! Some famous folks take their support of #loveislove a step further and work to get rid of the stigma surrounding LGBTQ+ couples showing PDA and include ’em in their music videos.

While the inclusion of gay, bisexual, transgender, etc., pairs in MVs can be a cause for concern in some countries (WTF????), it, for the most part, is widely looked at as being a great way to break boundaries and push for more inclusion in mainstream media. In hopes of getting more LGBTQ pride on our screens, we made a list of male artists who aren’t afraid to show the world that love is love is love is love in their vids.