15 Puppy-to-Daddy Tweets That Will Make You Feel Some Type of Way

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It’s no secret that something odd has happened to the word “daddy” over the past year or so. This word, which was once used mostly to address, you know, your actual biological father, is now a means of referring to someone that you find appealing, sexually, in a grown-up, dominant kind of way. It’s not a totally new change — the word “daddy” has existed in a weird liminal space between sexual and not for a while now — it’s just that, thanks to a certain prominence on Tumblr and Tumblr-pandering online stores, the sexual definition of the word daddy seems to have overtaken its original meaning. Which is… strange, yes?

But this etymological shift, however disturbing or weird it might be, also leads to some pretty amusing memes. One of those is “puppy to daddy,” which is usually found on Twitter. This meme follows a simple formula. All one has to do is pick one person, choose an example when they are “puppy” (i.e. baby-faced, precious, not fully an object of desire), and an example when they are “daddy” (so, just daddy AF, I guess), and compare them. Probably with some water drop emojis, too, if we’re being real here. So, check out these puppy to daddy tweets, and RT if you agree:

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