Proof Lauren Jauregui is the Worst-Treated Member of Fifth Harmony

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Lauren Jauregui is breathtaking. She’s beautiful, inside & out, can sing with the best of ’em and shake her booty like nobody’s business. Basically, Lauren Jauregui = goals. So why is it that she’s the worst-treated member of Fifth Harmony? You may not have realized it before, but it’s the truth, we tell you. Dedicated 5H fans know she’s great, but there are others who clearly don’t see it. The proof:

1. When she got practically zero time on the group’s debut album, Reflection. Unless you count breathing.

2. She’s the only one without a solo in “Worth It.” We’re surprised she even got screen-time in the music video.

3. Lauren caught a little break in “I’m in Love with a Monster,” snagging the lead-off solo. But, like… the song’s not even a single; it’s from the Hotel Transylvania 2 soundtrack. We want radio play, darnit! Plus, it’s all about being in love with a monster, so it’s not as if these lyrics will be plastered all over anyone’s notebooks like all the others could be.

4. We had high hopes for the next album. But then the “Work from Home” music video dropped and, once again, no Lauren solo. (Though, NGL, she did look hot AF.)

5. AND she supposedly got a knee infection while filming the aforementioned music video. So the experience was a bust in more ways than one.

6. People accused her of being racist. After she covered a Busta Rhymes song, many claimed that she used a derogatory word… which she didn’t. K.

7. Then there was the time her ex’s friends shaded her. You can thank The Vamps for that.

8. The abuse she suffered when people thought she was dating Louis Tomlinson. She said, “The amount of hate I got for that picture… I got a slew of things like, ‘You’re a s***, you’re ugly, you’re fat’…” Seriously??

9. A supposed fan said the worst possible things about her dead grandmother! What kind of sick piece of crap is that?

10. Lauren is currently trying her hand at solo tunes. THANKFULLY, true Harmonizers are supportive of the move.

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