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Prom season is officially upon us! We over at Teen.com are so busy with all our One Direction vs. Bieber battle and whatnot, but we decided to take a little break and talk prom. And you’ve got the date, you’ve got your ticket, now you’ve just got to get your face shining, your hair perf and a way to capture it all and you’re good to go! So before you head into your limo for the night, grab these things and we promise it will be the best night evs.

1. Pacifica Bronzing Body Butter – Fake and bake is so last year (we’re lookin’ at you, Snooki).  Pacifica is a super moisturizing body butter that gives you a healthy glow at the same time! Oh, and it smells ah-mazing.  BUY HERE!

2. Justin Bieber “Someday” Perfume – For obvious reasons. So you don’t have a date yet? No worries – just dance with Justin, NBD. BUY HERE!

3. Samsung Handheld Camcorder – If you want to capture that one guy dancing like a total weird-o, don’t take a picture – video it! This little guy can stick right in your purse and all your friends will be LOL-ing for weeks after.  BUY HERE!

4. Foot Petals – You’ve got a killer pair of heels, but the last thing you want is a pair of feet that are killing you because of it. Prep your footwear ahead of time so you can get your groove on with your shoes on. BUY HERE!

5. Aveda Face Mask – The night before, you and your girls can get your skin looking glowing and flawless with this deep cleansing mask. BUY HERE!

6. OPI Polish – Manicures can get super pricey – OPI has literally every color under the sun. You can try it on online before purchasing and make sure it goes perfectly with your dress. BUY HERE!

7. Corsages and Boutonnières from ProFlowers – What would prom be without flowers for you and your date? Make sure you guys match ahead of time. BUY HERE!

8. Sephora False Eyelashes – It’s not everyday (unless you’re a Kardashian) where you get to wear a pair of these! Sephora has ’em in all shapes, colors and sizes! BUY HERE!

9. Prom on DVD – Get in the ultimate prom mood with one of our fave movies. We <3 Aimee Teegarden. BUY HERE!

10.Claire’s Accessories – Claire’s has an entire line dedicated to prom-wear. And the best part? It’s crazy cute and crazy cheap! BUY HERE!

WDYT of our picks for pre-prom prepping? Have you started to get ready for your prom yet? We want to know all of your prom plans!

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