11 Ways Prom is Different in the Movies Than It Is IRL

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If you have seen any American movie or TV show over the past, say, 50 years or so, you are probably aware of the formal dance/gathering/ritual known colloquially as “prom.” Hollywood is obsessed with high school like, as a whole, and almost every single high school-centric movie seems to culminate in prom, whether it involves a Cinderella-esque transformation, a life-changing romantic connection or a casual dousing of pig’s blood. But, just as the average high school experience as a whole is pretty different from the way it’s portrayed in the movies, prom is actually way, way different IRL than its media portrayal.

This is fine. Everyone knows that what one sees in movies isn’t really the way that things actually happen (like, you know, those airport montages that seem to appear in every romantic comedy ever). But, still, it feel unwise to let the Hollywood prom myth live on — to paraphrase the Twitter account @tbhjuststop (known mostly for its iconic dolphin avi superimposed over a pink backdrop), free yourself from the prom standards of high school movies and “Be your own prom queen. Cook your own pies, get fly on your own time, hey, wassup, hello to your damn self.” You feel me? You feel me. Anyway, before I get too caught up in these vaguely feminist Fetty Wap-inspired platitudes, let’s check out the various ways high school prom is different from the movies than it is IRL:

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