7 Things About Prom Every Girl Should Experience at Least Once in Her Life

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You guys, it’s March; that means prom is coming up — fast! Whether you’ve been looking forward to this magical event since you started high school, or have been dreading it for months, there are certain elements of the evening every girl should experience at least once in her lifetime. And we’re not talking about elaborate prom-posals or anything; that’s just extra. No, no, for THE night to remember, here are seven things absolutely every teen girl should go through:

Wearing THE dress. And you don’t need to dole out lots of cash to look your best either. If you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find a gown you love AND can afford.

Sporting a makeup look that screams beauty without caking it on. It’s important not to stray too far from your natural appearance. Don’t you wanna look back and say ‘Look at me’ and not at your gunky/clumpy mascara/bronzer?

Never Underdressed

Never Underdressed

Getting your hair done. This is THE time to add some oomph to your locks. Even a simple blowout can make all the difference.

Spicing up your nails. Out of all the elements of your look, this is where you can go as simple or eccentric as you want.

Beauty is My Duty

We Heart It

The ride. There are very few times in one’s lifetime where one gets a chance to ride in a limo. Unless you’re mega-rich, it’s limited to weddings and funerals. Live it up!

A slow dance. So what if you don’t have a date? Grab a guy pal, and begin a’swaying.



Having the time of your life with your friends. Graduation’s approaching, so it’s one of the last times you and your classmates will truly have together. Make it count!

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