13 Products You’ll Desperately Need in Order to Heal a Painful Sunburn

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Products to help heal sunburn


At this point, you’re probably desperate to get your feet in the sand and your chair set up in a prime location on the beach. We feel you. However, all too often we feel a deep pang of regret because we failed to put on (or reapply) our sunscreen and end up with a painful sunburn. Next thing you know, you’re not sure if that’s you in the mirror or a literal lobster, and even worse than the way it looks is the way it feels.

Of course, let this serve as a reminder to apply an adequate SPF when you have plans to be outside on a hot, sunny day. But, if for some reason you still get burned, there are some things you can do and some products you can use to help minimize the pain and heal that sunburn once and for all. Ready? Check ’em out: