Priyanka Chopra Unleashes Her Inner Fangirl at Fiancé Nick Jonas’ Concert

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You gotta love couples that support each other. Priyanka Chopra was spotted front row jamming out to fiancé Nick Jonas‘ music at his concert in Singapore and honestly, it was pretty darn adorable.

On Sunday evening, the “Chains” singer performed on stage in front of hundreds of fans in Singapore but even though he was front and center, Nick actually wasn’t the one that had everyone’s attention. Instead, fans couldn’t help but keep their eyes on his fiancee for a good majority of the show. Mainly because the actress was just going all out while cheering on her man.

To be honest, we think EVERY girl could say that’s exactly how they are at a Nick J concert. However, it must feel a whole lot different if the singer was actually your fiancé in real life and not just a fantasy inside your head — just sayin’.

One fan who witnessed Priyanka fangirling over Nick at the show said that even from afar they seem like they have great chemistry. Meanwhile, another fan tweeted that even though they had their reservations about Nick and Priyanka’s relationship, after seeing that clip above, the actress definitely has fan approval.

If other people can notice that type of vibe emitting from Priyanka from afar, it’s safe to say that this relationship is pretty solid. Even his family and friends are 1000% shipping this relationship.

“They are so happy. His friends and family have never seen him like this, and they’re all really excited for him,” one of Nick’s pals reportedly told People. “He’s definitely very serious about her.” It’s definitely clear that she feels the same way about him. Not to mention the newly engaged couple were spotted out the night before as well and a fan said they witnessed some romantic PDA. Oh, to be in love!