Prism Roots are the Latest Rainbow Hair Trend and We’re Here for ‘Em

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Just when you thought people couldn’t get any more creative with their rainbow dye jobs, another hairstylist comes through with a colorful dye job that puts all the ones that came before it to absolute shame. This week, St. Louis-based colorist Kristina Cheeseman gifted us all with yet another mesmerizing rainbow dye job that we just can’t stop admiring: prism roots.

Rather than a rainbow ombré or peekaboo dye job, which have both become very popular, Kristina dyed her client’s hair rainbow at the roots as the rest of her head faded into a muted purple. See?

We told you this dye job is amazing! Unfortunately, if you’re headed out to Coachella this weekend, it may be too late to rock prism roots yourself. However, it’s just the start of festival season, so if you’re planning on hitting up any more music fests, we can’t think of a more perfect dye job to make you stand out amongst the crowd!

Clearly, we can’t get enough of the vibrant hues included in this dye job, and it appears that the client, loves it just as much! After posting a photo of her hair on Instagram with the caption, “So.. I did a thing today. Shoutout to @kristinacheeseman for being AMAZING,” it’s safe to say she’s obsessed. Plus, her comments are flooded with people who are shocked, amazed, and of course, jealous AF.

So.. I did a thing today?? Shoutout to @kristinacheeseman for being AMAZING?

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We’ve only got one thing left to say… WOW.