PLL Recap: Which Little Liar Had It The Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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Annnnd we’re back! It was like the perfect end to our winter break last night as we watched the premiere of Pretty Little Liars. Yours too, right? And between becoming thisclose to finding out who the infamous “A” is and all that relationship dramz (more on that below), we’d say the premiere ep more than made up for the Halloween episode we had back in October. Yeah. Just had to mention that.

But which little liar had it the roughest last night? We’ll tell you what happened with Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Aria and then you tell us which girl’s life kinda sucks the most right now…

1. What happened with Spencer? Like usual, Spenc is being her typical detective self and trying to put together all the pieces. She even approached creepy Garrett to tell him that he knows Jenna and Garrett have some sort of scheme up their sleeves. But our hearts broke a little when Toby presented Spencer with a hand-made chair as a gift, and she instead tells him to leave her alone and stay out of the girls’ business. Poor guy.

Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere Spencer

ABC Family

2. What happened with Aria? Oh, ya know, just that Ezra and Aria TOLD HER PARENTS about their relationship. And Byron and Bella are sonot Ezria fans, you guys. Mike even punched Ezra after hearing the news…and after the ‘rents kicked him out of the house and sent her to her room. Oh yeah, and then there’s also Jackie, who’s basically claiming to want to protect Ezra’s reputation but is in reality ruining the lives of both Ezra and Aria. Fun times.

Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere Aria

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3. What happened with Hanna?Hanna and Lucas are becoming close again and he even offered to help Hanna take down the photos of her on the internet of her wearing the orange Community Service jumpsuit. How sweet. Meanwhile, Caleb is back in town and asks Lucas if he can stay with him, basically indefinitely. Yay for another much-needed love triangle in Rosewood! Uh, and speaking of Rosewood, Hanna’s dad drops the bomb that his soon-to-be wife Isabelle and Hanna’s soon-to-be stepsister, Kate, are moving to Rosewood and Kate will be going to Hanna’s school. That sucks a lot.

Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere Hanna

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4. What happened with Emily?Em was def the smartest of the bunch last night, coming up with a plan to fake fight with each other to get “A” into thinking that he/she can trust each of them individually. But when Em and “A” came face-to-face, “A” was not happy to find out about the trickery and to find out that the box that Jason gave the girls did not have a clue about “A”‘s identity, but instead had, well, nothing in it. Emily almost died fighting it off with “A”, until the other girls came to help her and Hanna accidentally yet kinda on purpose hit “A” with her car. And THEN, you guys, “A” dropped its cell phone, which is now in the girls’ possession. We know. This is getting good.

Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere Emily

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So, which girl do you think had it the worst this week? We think it’s a tie between Hanna having Kate come to town and Emily having, well, having almost died, but we wanna hear from you! Tell us your pick in the comments, and don’t forget to tell us what you thought of the ep!

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