PLL Recap: Which Little Liar Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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We’re sort of indecisive about last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode, “Let the Water Hold Me Down.” Was it eventful enough? Did we like it? Or not so much? And also, like we discuss every week, which of the 4 girls’ lives sucked the most? Read on to see what happened to Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna, and make sure to tell us which girl you think had it the worst below…

1. What happened with Emily? “A” was pretty easy on Em this week. But Maya? Maya dropped a bombshell on Emily — that she hooked up with someone while they were away and on a break. Em wasn’t mad or anything considering they weren’t together at the time, but when Maya said she hooked up with a guy? Uh, yeah. That changes things a little.


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2. What Happened with Aria? Aria’s love life has seen better days, too. She decides to go out with Holden, who, to us, is basically just a younger, equally as hot and intelligent version of Ezra. They go to a play and run into Ezra there, of course, but Ezra ended up leaving fifteen minutes in because he “didn’t feel well” aka “was upset he ran into Aria with another guy.” Holden could totally tell that they used to date, and then admitted that he has secrets that he’s hiding, too. It’s Rosewood, so duh.


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3. What happened with Spencer?
Spencer is always the curious one, this week going to Philadelphia tracking down a store that “A” shopped at. But then Spenc finds a school for the blind, meets a guy there who knew Jenna, and finds out that Garrett visited Jenna there the day before Alli died. Things are getting hard-core intense, you guys.


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4. What happened with Hanna?
Better question — what didn’t happen with Hanna? First, Mona gets mad at her for not being a good friend and being there when Noel breaks up with her. Fine, but then, she and Caleb get in a fight because she won’t tell him the whole story of what happened in the boat with Lucas. But THEN, she finds Lucas creeping in her house and he confesses hat he called the crisis hotline to figure out what to do after losing all of his and Caleb’s money and that he’s not actually affiliated with “A”. At least we can rule him out, we guess?!

Who do you think had it the hardest last night? Which little liar do you feel bad for? What do you think will happen next? To the comments you go!

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