Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Questions on Our Minds After Last Night’s Ep!

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Did you all catch last night’s Pretty Little Liars ep “The Goodbye Look?!” Whoa! Is it possible that everyone in Rosewood played some role in Alison’s murder? After watching the ep, we’re starting to wonder if that’s a possibility. Her brother Jason was being super sketchy and then so was Spencer’s sis Melissa, as per usuaul. We’re thinking there’s some major cover up going on here. But yet there’s still so much we can’t seem to figure out!

Click on to see the 5 questions last night’s “The Goodbye Look” left us asking!

1. Is Mona really as clueless as she’s trying to lead everyone to believe? Mona acts like she doesn’t know what’s going on, but we’re starting to think she knows a lot more than she’s telling. Notice the scene when she asks Aria to help her pick out a farewell gift for Ezra? She’s all like “I didn’t know.” But the whole town knows what’s going on with our fab four! We’re wondering if this is just her way to try to dig up as much info as possible. But, for who?
2. Was Ezra’s goodbye really meant solely for Aria? Ezra delivers a farewell speech to the whole class, but a lot of what he was saying seemed to be directed at Aria. Does this mean Ezra’s goodbye to Aria is permanent? It seemed so. And we know he’s headed off to teach at Hollis, the same place his ex-fiancee now works. But that intense kiss in the school parking lot is giving us hope of otherwise.
3. Who deleted Emily’s entire hard drive and why? Emily discovers that not only were the vids she had of Ian deleted off her computer, but her entire hard drive was wiped out. We all intially thought it was “A” who was in her house deleting the files, but come to think of it, it could have been Ian. Let’s not forget, camping gear was stolen from Em’s garage the same day. Ian would definitely have some use for that. We’re just really confused as to why, whoever it was, deleted her entire drive. And could this be the same person who broke into Spencer’s house and pushed Aria?
4. What’s the deal with Alison’s brother? Jason was acting beyond sketchy last night. First, he’s spotted throwing out a bunch of Alison’s old stuff, then he gets all psycho on this adorbs pup who comes over and starts sniffing around the yard and later he’s busy building a fence. What’s up with that? Our thought is that he has something buried in his yard that he doesn’t want anyone to know about. He also seems to have some sort of major issue with Ian, wonder what that’s about.
5. Is Melissa secretly going out to see Ian every day? When Spencer gets home, she finds Melissa sitting on the couch claiming she had been home all day. Yet, her rain boots and coat were drenched. Melissa claims to not know anything about Ian’s whereabouts, but she clearly left the house to show someone her sonogram pic. We’re thinking Ian is the only person she’d show this to and then have to lie about having seen.

We can’t wait until next week’s ep, but until then we’ll sit here and try to figure it all out. What did you think of last night’s “The Goodbye Look” episode? Are any of these same Q’s on your mind? Share with us in the comments!