Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Questions We’re Still Asking After Last Night’s Halloween Episode!

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Whenever we watch Pretty Little Liars we’re left, like, beyond confused, but we think last night’s Halloween special “The First Secret” definitely takes the cake. The ep was full of firsts – first meetings, first secrets and the first text from “A.”

And although this ep forced us to throw some of our original theories out the window, it did spark up a few new ones. Oh, BTW, we almost forgot to mention; we really hate Alison now!

Read on to catch our recap full of Q’s that have left our heads spinning.

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1. Are Jenna and Alison one in the same? Last night was the first time Jenna and Ali met, and from what we can tell these two don’t hit it off very well. Remember how Emily asks Toby what his new step-sis is like and he says, “She gets what she wants?” Uh, yea, that’s exactly how Ali is too. This would explain why Ali feels Jenna is competition and doesn’t like her from the start. Plus, Jenna also totally declines Ali’s invite to be friends. But could this be the real reason behind why Ali pulled that stunt that made Jenna go blind? Or was jealousy to blame?

2. Who sent Ali that creepy voodoo doll? So Ali receives this package from an anonymous sender with a super creepy voodoo doll and a note that read, “It’s my turn to torture you.” This one is tough to figure out cause it’s like, who hasn’t Ali tortured at Rosewood High? There’s Lucas, Mona and even her own “friends.” The options here are endless, but we’re kinda leaning on a Lucas and Mona tag team.

3. Is Ali a twin?! As crazy as this sounds cause we’ve never gotten any deets about Ali having another sib besides Jason, there are a few things making us believe she could have one. First, there’s that spooky story she was telling in the beginning. Although she says it’s just a story, we think there’s a lot more to it. Then, there’s that family photo of Ali and another little girl. But if Ali does have a twin, a) Where is she? b) Why doesn’t anyone seem to know about her or talk about her? and c) Could she have been the one to kill Ali or vice versa?

4. What is the real deal with Spencer’s big sis and Ali? We get that Ali had a crush on Ian and we know that he obvs had a thing for her too cause they end up dating or whatever. So besides the fact that Melissa probs didn’t like this and Ali was jeal that Melissa had Ian, we think there’s something more to this rivalry. Ali and Melissa seem to really hate each other. Ali even tries her best to turn Spencer against her sis, but we really feel there has to be something else besides Ian causing all this hate. But what?!

5. Who was the person behind that scary mask? Ali — and the other four little liars– were clearly being watched for some time. But who was doing the creeping? We know whoever it is actually tried killing Ali while she was at that abandoned house. She thought it was Noel until they all get back to the party. Now, we know one of the people who had this mask on was Lucas, but we’re not too sure if it was him who tried to kill Ali that night. Could this have been Mona? Or have we yet to meet the Alison’s killer?