The 5 Best Websites for ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Merch

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Obviously we can’t get enough of Pretty Little Liars. But even though we recap the show every week and stalk Ashley, Shay, Lucy and Troian on the red carpet regularly, we still feel the need to show our love in other ways. So, we present to you the top five best websites to find the most awesome PLL merch! You know you want all of this stuff…
We love this site ’cause they always have the cutest tees that celebrate our fave things (just check out their One Direction shirts!) We’re obsessed with their PLL tees especially though, including the black and leopard tee ($24.50) and the “I Heart Mr. Fitz” shirt ($24.50). BUY HERE!


This site has absolutely every PLL product you can think of — iPad cases, water bottles, bags, tees, hoodies, and shower curtains (which is kinda weird/awesome!) There’s even a doggie shirt that says “I Love Spencer Hastings” ($18)! We totally heart the Camp Mona hoodies ($45) and the Rosewood High Sharks Gym Bag ($17)! BUY HERE!

Cafe Press
Here’s a great site to purchase stuff that gives a shout-out to your fave Little Liar. Love Spencer the best? Then get the “I’m A Spencer” tee ($20.99). Think Aria has the best lines? Then get the “I’m about to hang a sign…” tee ($27.59). It doesn’t matter which character is your fave—there’s tons of options! BUY HERE!

Other People’s T-Shirts
We also like to give the hotties on the show some love. So we can’t wait to buy the “I Love Caleb” tee ($17.95.), even though he totally broke Hanna’s heart and we still don’t forgive him for it. Hmph. BUY HERE!

TV Store Online
Not only does this site offer the original friendship bracelets from the show (personalized with your name), but they also have these amazing clips that you can use to attach papers or to put on your backpack. They have the names of our fave couples like Spoby, Ezria, and Haleb (RIP)! We pretty much need these pronto. BUY HERE!

PLL Bracelets

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