Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Questions We’re Still Asking After Last Night’s Ep!

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In last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode “Surface Tension,” tension really is starting to rise. From Toby discovering what could possibly be the the object that was used to kill Alison to Aria’s brother Mike getting arrested, things in Rosewood are surely starting to get more and more complicated. But what else is new, right?!

Click to see the questions from last night’s ep that are still totally boggling our minds…

1. Who could be stalking Hanna? Towards the beginning of last night’s ep, Hanna and Caleb are outside school talking and right after they go into the building, we see that there was someone in a black car parked outside watching them. Could this person be stalking all the girls?

2. What’s the real reason behind Spencer’s dad’s decision to burn potential evidence? When Toby finds Melissa’s old field hockey stick, he seems to get really nervous. So he hands it to Spencer’s dad, but the dad refuses to hand it into the police as evidence because he was just “sick of it all.” But is it because he’s trying to protect someone? Maybe Melissa? Could Melissa have been the one to use her own hockey stick to kill Alison?

3. Why did Garrett decide to team up with Jenna? We find out that Jenna’s vase wasn’t stolen by Mike, but that it was stolen from Garrett’s apartment. This raises a red flag to Aria and makes obvious what we’ve known this whole time…Garrett can’t be trusted! What are Garrett and Jenna up to?

4. Where the heck is Logan Reed? You remember Logan, right? It seemed like Logan had been hired by Jenna, but everyone was made to think he was working with Ian. And since that time that Emily went to talk to him, he’s nowhere to be found. Could Jenna and Garrett have done something to get rid of him? Or did “A” not like the fact that the Liars seem to be getting closer to the truth by talking to Logan?

5. How will the Liars manage to keep getting clues in Ali’s death with “A” on the loose? Did anyone else notice at the very end of the ep that “A” was busy prepping some kind of poision?! First of all, where does “A” get all this stuff? And secondly, is the plan to kill all the Liars off or to just scare them to the point where they give up? So. Confused.