Pretty Little Liars Preview: Will the Little Liars Be Blamed for Alison’s Murder?

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ABC Family

Well guys, in less than 12 hours, what will easily be the most epic Pretty Little Liars episode EVAH will air and we are so psyched! We’re assuming “Over My Dead Body” is gonna raise a ton of questions, but we also have a feeling (or at least hope) a lot of questions we’ve had all season long are gonna be answered, too.

The only thing we’re really worried about is our darling little liars, cause from the looks of this sneak peek clip…the fab four might be getting the blame for Alison’s murder. Yikes!

Catch this sneak peek and tells us your predictions!

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The summer finale of Pretty Little Liars airs tonight on ABC Family! Do you think the girls will get blamed for killing Ali? But wait, why’s Emily missing from this scene?  Sound off in the comments!