7 PLL Stars Who Got Real About Their Health, Weight & Eating Disorders

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Ever since Pretty Little Liars premiered in 2010, the show, while at times can be slightly unrealistic, has covered some real AF teen issues on screen, like coming out, mental health, financial struggles and eating disorders. But it’s not only in the fictional Rosewood that PLL is helping young peeps deal with the everyday struggle of life in high school (and beyond).

The stars of the show have found themselves as role models for their young fans and, while speaking out about about super personal issues, like weight woes, eating disorders and their health regimens can perhaps feel a bit uncomfortable, they realize how their voice can change the world and help someone else who is struggling. Seven of your fave stars of the Freeform hit (which is, sadly, coming to an end soon) have realized that when you’re a star, basically nothing is TMI, and talked about body image issues and more during honest interviews that show just how strong these women (and men!) truly are: