7 Pretty Little Liars Actors Who Also Have Careers in Music

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We are still mourning the loss of one of our all-time fave tv shows, Pretty Little Liars. The show may have left us with more questions than answers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss our weekly trip to Rosewood. After seven seasons, we feel as if the group of Liars are our friends IRL and it’s still weird to see the actors portray characters other than their PLL personas.

After going through the same feeling of ‘now what do we do?’ with The Vampire Diaries, we decided to see what our fave actors are doing with their free time post-Pretty Little Liars. While some have been singing since they broke into the spotlight, others are just now showing off their talents. We didn’t know that Rosewood was full of so many talented musicians!… but we do now: