‘Pretty Little Liars’ Debuts Very Red Season Four Poster

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ABC Family

Is it June 11 yet?! ABC Family just tweeted out this first look at season four of the hit show, and we have to say, it’s pretty fantastic. The ladies look ravishing in their red coats, which might just be a bold fashion statement, but it could really mean a MILLION different things.

As we know, during the season three finale they (sort of) found out the identity of red coat (ALI?!), so does this mean they’re all now part of the red coat team? We wouldn’t put it past them since Spencer crossed over to the dark side and joined the A-Team by basically kidnapping Ezra’s son Malcolm. Also, the photo’s tagline is pretty interesting — “Liars unite.” To us, this sounds like they might finally be taking a stand against A. Guess we’ll have to wait until the show comes back on June 11 to find out!

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