‘PLL’ Preview: Join the “Mona-Mania” Winter Premiere Episode Convo!

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ABC Family

ABC Family

Now that you’ve had a solid week to digest the Season 3, winter premiere episode of Pretty Little Liars, “She’s Better Now,” it’s time to discuss what’s gonna go down on tonight’s show (besides the usual “A” drama).

Byron, Aria’s dad, is creepier than ever. Remember that page Aria ripped out from Ali’s diary last week? Well, she hid it in her room in a place where no one would really look — one of her boots — yet, somehow, Byron is aware of that hiding spot.

Watch the madness from Pretty Little Liars‘ “Mona-Mania” episode at 8pm ET, and chat with Brendan Robinson (a.k.a. Lucas) throughout — he’ll be live-tweeting from @littleliars! And, starting now until… whenever your heart desires, you can join the conversation on our PLL message board. Click on the link below to begin, then make sure to look out for our recap tomorrow morning!

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