‘PLL’ Preview: Join the “Misery Loves Company” Episode Convo!

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ABC Family

ABC Family

Tuesday is here once again, which means there’s an all-new episode of Pretty Little Liars coming on in just a half hour. On last week’s show, “Mona-Mania,” Spencer and the only-known female “A” went head-to-head in a battle to be the captain of the school’s decathlon team — and Mona came out the victor! So unlike Spencer to be bested. But, then again, she’s unknowingly dating the male “A,” so there are some things that do get past her.

Meanwhile, last time we saw Aria, she was getting a touch of “the flu” (though, many suspect ‘pregnancy’ may be a more accurate diagnosis). What’s going down on tonight’s “Misery Loves Company” ep? Let’s delve…

Apparently, Aria’s still out sick — who else thinks she’s prego?! — so Hanna and Emily set off to follow-up on a new clue sans the smallest Little Liar. But Ezra, who’s been nowhere in sight lately, isn’t the one nursing Aria back to health. Instead, it’s Meredith a.k.a. her father’s former mistress a.k.a. her substitute teacher a.k.a. that woman everyone hates. Ugh! As for Spencer, she’s busy planning her and Toby’s one-year anniversary. Uhh… we wish them the best?

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