‘PLL’ Preview: Join the “Dead to Me” Episode Convo!

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ABC Family

ABC Family

As per youge, last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars brought the crazy. Spencer becomes Rosewood’s resident bitch (which is totally understandable when you find out your boyfriend’s “A”); she even spills the beans on Ezra’s baby and barely apologizes to Aria for it! Speaking of, the final moment between Ezria brought literal tears to our eyes. Like, are they done?? So many questions, but will they be answered on tonight’s “Dead to Me?” Let’s see…

As we’ve seen in previews, Dr. Sullivan uses hypnosis on Emily, which causes her to (possibly) recall the events that occurred on the night of Alison’s disappearance. She’s even spotted wielding the murder weapon! While we’re on the subject, Ali’s remains are back with her family, so the Little Liars (sans Spencer) memorialize their lost friend again, along with Jason. As for Spencer, she’s still dealing with the Toby shocker — and that private investigator.

We’ll be recapping the show in the morning. Until then, make sure to tune in to ABC Family at 8p ET and join the PLL conversation before, during and after the show!

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