Pretty Little Liars: 5 Things That Will Probs Happen In the Winter Premiere of Season 2!

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After watching the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars, we’ve been dying for more. And since the show’s been on hiatus, we were wondering when we’d finally get a peek at the winter premiere. Well, it’s finally here; a whole 60 second preview of PLL drama to come! It’s not much, but we’ll take it.

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Here’s what we think is gonna go down based on the preview:

1. Aria and Ezra will finally make their relationship public. From the looks of this preview, the only one who’s going to have a major issue with their relationship is Mike. Why Mike out of all people? Who knows! But we’re thinking this could make Aria change her mind about this thing she’s got going with Ezra, especially if it makes her bro’s behavior even worse than it’s been.

2. Our Little Liars in orange jumpsuits? Okay, either these girls really landed in juvy or they’re just busy doing some Rosewood community service. Either way, this means Jenna and Garrett’s plan was actually a success. So what does this mean? Our fab four are gonna give these two some major payback.

3. Caleb will come back, for good this time. Best surprise ever? Uh, yes! That is all…for now.

4. Emily is going to find Alison’s box of secrets and this will be her weapon against “A.” We all know “A” was out to ruin Alison’s life, and now she’s onto the liars, too. But since “A’s” focus has always been Ali, finding her box of secrets could just free the Little Liars from “A’s” grasp. At least for a little while, cause this box will probs reveal something about “A,” too.

5. Someone is going to die, and although we don’t exactly know who it is, we’ve got two suspects for this murder: Hanna or….Ali! The vid shows a blonde totally knocking someone out and into the water, and the only blondes on PLL are those two. But wait, since there is a possibility that Ali has a twin, could it maybe be her? So many questions!

Now, watch this vid yourself and see if you agree with our predictions:

Pretty Little Liars returns on January 2! Are you excited?! Do you agree with what we think will happen? What do you think is going to go down on PLL? Share in the comments!