Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario: Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Is “Insane”

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With the new season of Pretty Little Liars premiering next week, we’ve slowly but surely been getting deets on what’s going to happen. Will Spencer and Toby’s relationship grow more? Will we get more info on Alison’s death? And, luckily, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario spilled the answers to TV Guide and boy, are we looking forward to that first ep!

Click on to see what Shay and Troian had to say about PLL season 2!

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Shay said:

“The stuff that we’re shooting right now is insane. I am so excited for the fans to see everything. You don’t miss a beat. You’re going to find out what happened to Ian. That’s huge. I mean, that’s been the big question on everybody’s mind. Is he dead? Is he alive? You will be finding out.”
Ah, finally!

As for Spoby, Troian had a lot to say about that whole thing:

“Her relationship with Toby is getting deeper. And what you’ll see in the first seven episodes is her parents really taking Melissa’s side. Spencer’s got no support system, so she runs to Toby and they become more of a couple.”

Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars premieres on June 14, and it sounds amazing! Will you be watching? Happy to be Spoby together? Predictions for what really happened to Ian? Sound off in the comments!

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