Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Questions We Have After Last Night’s Premiere!

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How excited were we last night after our fave show Pretty Little Liars made its comeback! Very. And we’ve gotta say, we really love how the show just picked up right where it left off, at the crime scene. But while the episode, “It’s Alive,” moved along so well, we were still left wondering so much! PLL always leaves us a bit confused after it’s all over. Hmph.

Click on to see 5 questions last night’s ep left us asking!

1. Why is Garrett working with, or more like for, Jenna? That police officer that just randomly appeared on the scene last season who just so happens to know all our Little Liars is working for Jenna, and last night that became even clearer. But what we don’t get is, why? Jenna somehow has this hold over people that we don’t really understand. When we thought at one point Garrett was really out to help Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna by pulling them out of the cop car to talk, it really ends up looking like he was doing it so Jenna could hear their convo. Did you guys notice her? She looked all stalkerish in that little corner.

2. Is Aria and Ezra’s relationship going to survive? We’ve been hearing that there’s a possibility these two are going to break up, and after last night, we’re kinda thinking this is going to happen. When Aria sits with Ezra to talk about his ex who showed up in town last season, we can see that Aria sort of starts feeling like a rebound, and that’s the worst. Then there’s also the fact that Ezra is gearing up for his big move to teach at Hollis College. So the odds are pretty much stacked up against Ezria right now.

3. Who the heck is “A?!” Okay, so clearly this will prob be one of our questions all season long, but we gotta touch on it now ’cause we just don’t get how it is that “A” has so much access to everything. Notice how Ezra’s diploma winds up in the therapist’s office? We’re thinking this was “A’s” way of letting them know not to say a word to anyone about his/her existence. Then at the end “A” is at Emily’s house with the realtor. This person is everywhere! Hanna’s “super powers” comment was so dead on.

4. Is Ian really alive or is he actually dead? Melissa’s phone goes off with that text message from “Ian.” How funny that Spencer ends up being the one to see it. Coincidence? We think not! But here are our thoughts: if Ian is really the one behind this text, then obvs he really is still alive. But we’re not sure how he survived it and why “A” let him live. If this text isn’t actually from Ian, then it’s possible that he did actually die or, like the newspaper story said, he ran off.

5. Noel is back, but why is he dating Mona? Noel has always been a bit suspicious to us and after he found out about Ezra and Aria, it seems like he’s always had it in for them. Since Mona is was Hanna’s BFF, we’re thinking maybe dating Mona is his way of getting at Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. But then we’d have to wonder what exactly the motive behind this would be. Could he be “A?” Ah! So much to think about!

Did you get to watch PLL last night? Thoughts on the ep? Are you asking yourself these questions, too? Share with us in the comments!