Pretty Little Reasons Why You NEED To Be By a TV On Tuesday, June 14

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Just as most of our fave shows like Glee and Gossip Girl are coming to an end, one of our VERY faves is coming back with a major bang — Pretty Little Liars. Yup, that’s right, we’re heading back to Rosewood this summer for season 2 and it’s back on a new night (Tuesday) and full of new drama (uh, but we don’t know what yet).

So, why else, other than the epic season premiere, should you stay glued to your tube on Tuesday, June 14?

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Because before the season 2 episode, “It’s Alive,” premieres at 8pm EST, there will be an all-day marathon of Pretty Little Liars‘ first season beginning at 11am EST on ABC Family. You probably shouldn’t play hooky to watch it (stay in school, kids), but hey, that’s what DVR is for, right?!

Watch the promo for PLL season 2 below and tell us — are you excited for the new season? What issues do you hope get resolved in the first episode? Check out our predictions for the season and tell us what you hope happens in the comments!