TV Recap: 5 OMG Moments from The Pretty Little Liars Premiere

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OMG, PLL! Our excitement for part 2 of season 1 of Pretty Little Liars was well warranted because last night’s premiere? Ah-mazing! Tons of secrets were revealed and we’re getting closer and closer to finding out who “A” is, so, yeah, we’d say we’re pretty happy with the episode. Are you?

If you missed it and can’t wait until it comes on on Hulu, click on for our recap of the top 5 OMG moments of the episode!

5. Aria spills about Ezra. In last season’s cliffhanger, word got out about Aria’s relationship with hot teacher Mr. Fitz. So Aria decided to come clean and finally tell the other girls about the affair. But Spencer, Hanna and Emily aren’t the only ones who know about it…

4. Noel does too!. He confessed to Aria that he saw her and Ezra going at it in the car the night of Hanna’s accident, and that he was the one who wrote “I See You” on the windshield. Could he have been the one driving the car that ran Hanna over?

3. Spencer’s sister eloped. No, not with the hot Brit, Wren, but she married Ian, who we know had a scandalous relationship in the past with Alison — and Spencer!

2. Emily comes out to her parents. Once her dad came home from Iraq he could tell something was up with her, so Emily couldn’t hide the secret anymore and just confessed to her parents that she was gay and hanging out with Maya. But her mom is still convinced her “experimentation” is only a phase.

1. Hanna is in the hospital with a broken leg after getting hit by the car at Camp Mona last season. But the craziest part about the cast that’s the length of her entire leg? It was signed by “A”!

What do you think was the most shocking moment of the episode? Who do you think “A” is? Share below!