Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Questions We’re Still Asking After Last Night’s Ep!

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After catching a sneak peek at Pretty Little Liars new ep “Save the Date,” we knew last night was going to be pretty much epic. From Aria and Spencer sneaking into the morgue to snatch up Alison’s autopsy report (which revealed a lot to us about her murder) to Jenna and Garrett’s super sketchy convo; we were majorly satisfied with some of the deets that were thrown our way. But as per usual, there’s still so much more that we wanna know and can’t stop wondering about.

Click on to read our recap full of Q’s we’re still dying (pun intended?) to get answers to!

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1. Did Jenna kill Alison? Besides having a serious motive cause it was Ali’s fault she turned blind, Jenna’s obsession with having the Little Liars stopped from asking more Q’s about their friend’s death makes her even more suspicious in our book. During the talk she has in the car with Garrett, they both make it seem like Jenna had something to do with the murder. But if she did, was Garrett there to help her do it? And what did Jenna mean by “Do they know about Jason?” Could Jason also have been in on it? Or are these two losers lovebirds just trying to frame him?

2. Could Caleb’s birth parents be trying to find him? So last week we thought that the car parked outside Rosewood high was stalking the Little Liars, but this week it turns out we were totally wrong. This whole time it was Caleb who was being followed. Hanna thinks it’s a cop, but after confronting him we see him make a call to someone and saying that basically Caleb doesn’t want any type of contact being made. We’re sure he would if he knew what the deal really was.

3. Why was there a page missing from the autopsy report? When Spencer and Emily start reading through Alison’s autopsy results, they discover that there’s a page missing. What sort of info could that page have had? And why did someone make sure to eliminate it? The answer as to what killed Alison was still in there (We find out besides being bashed in the head, she was buried ALIVE!). Wouldn’t it have made more sense to take that page out? Could the killer’s gender or other details have been on that page? We’re dying to know!

4. What is “A” planning to do next? “A” already ran Hanna over with a car and sent Emily to the hospital. Oh, and we’re pretty sure he or she also killed Ian. So what else could possibly be up this person’s sleeve? We can only imagine. Plus, we want to know why exactly “A” is doing all this. Isn’t it enough when you’re stalking and constantly texting people? Sometimes it’s really hard to tell if “A” is for or against our fab four.

5. Does Ezra sense that Aria might have feelings for someone else? It’s pretty obvs that Aria has some sort of thing for Jason. Yea, she probably feels pretty bad for him but we think there’s something more there. Through the whole ep Ezra seemed to wanna be like really attached to Aria, especially since she’s been cutting down her time with him. Could he maybe be sensing what we sort of already know? We’re thinking he knows a little or suspects more than he says.