Reason Number 1 Why We’re Excited for January: Pretty Little Liars

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The first part of season 1 of Pretty Little Liars ended in true TV drama fashion — cliffhangers galore. Hanna wound up in the hospital, word got out about Emily’s girlfriend, and Aria’s relationship with Ezra is no longer a secret. So how excited are we that on January 3, when PLL returns, the results of these issues will (hopefully) finally be resolved? Um, very. And you are too, right?!

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Click on to find out where we left off on part 1 of season 1, and tell us what you’re most looking forward to for part 2!

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1. Aria’s dad is cheating. She knew about her dad’s infidelity for a while, but mid-way through the season, Aria’s mom, Ella, finds out, too. Trouble at home is only one of Aria’s problems though…
2. Mr. Fitz breaks up with Aria. After hot teacher realizes his relationship with a student could get him fired, he breaks up with her. Aria then starts dating Noel…until Ezra comes back into the picture.
3. Emily has a fling with Maya. She doesn’t want to come out of the closet to her conservative parents, but Emily starts experimenting with her new neighbor, Maya. The only ones who know are Hanna and A, until her mom finds a picture of them kissing. Uh oh…
4. Spencer cheats in school — and with her sister’s fiance. Trying to live up to her sister Melissa’s straight A’s, Spencer plagiarizes a history paper. Meanwhile, she’s fooling around with Melissa’s fiance behind her back, but the girls finally try to make amends.
5. And as for Hannah? She dated both Sean and Lucas this season, but her main secret lies in her financial problems. Oh yeah, and that little thing about how A’s identity was revealed to her and then she got hit by a car before she could share the news with the other girls. NBD.

Oh, and how can we forget all the drama that went on with Toby and Jenna, who were there the night of A’s death? Ah, so much to think about! Do you think we’ll finally find out who A is? What are you looking forward to most about the the second half of the season? Tell us below!