Pretty Little Liars Recap: 5 Questions We’re Still Asking After Last Night’s Ep

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Uh, we’re not really sure where to begin with this one. Let’s just say last week’s ep of Pretty Little Liars has got nothing on this one. “The Devil You Know” not only answered a few of our questions, but definitely brought on new mysteries and a ton of new questions. But then again, that’s always the PLLway, right?

Click on for a recap full of Qs that totally confused us on last night’s ep!

1. If Ian had really been dead for at least a week, how did Melissa not know? We’re not too sure if we believe the whole timing of Ian’s death and mainly ’cause we all know Melissa had been going to see him. If he had been dead all that time, how didn’t she know? We think what may have really happened here is that Garrett just so happens to be in on it with “A” and is probably lying to the Little Liars about Ian’s death.

2. What does Ezra’s ex-fiance plan to do with what she knows? Jackie has been lurking around and has already seen Ezra and Aria together twice. We’re not sure if she feels jealousy or is just seeing this as an opportunity to ruin things for Ezra. But why? She was the one who broke things off with him, so why care that he’s with someone else no matter who it is? We do definitely see this turning into a huge problem really, really soon.

3. Why did Aria’s brother Mike try to break into the DiLaurentis home? Okay, Mike has gotten really suspicious lately. First, he’s off who knows where doing who knows what and now he’s trying to break into Alison’s house. But then we also find out that he’s the one that broke into Emily and Spencer’s houses. Could Mike have some sort of connection to “A?” And if so, why does “A” have all this power to control people? We’d say maybe Mike’s “A,” but we seriously doubt it.

4. Why did “A” want Ian dead? So we now know that Ian didn’t kill himself, but what we don’t know is who did kill him. Our theory is that “A” did it just to be able to pin Alison’s murder on him. But why did “A” want him dead? We’re thinking Ian probably had something on this “A” person that they don’t want anyone to find out about.

5. Could Alison possibly still be alive? At the end, when our Little Liars head over to the cemetery, we get to see the rest of that footage of Ian and Alison together. And shocking moment of all time, Alison was never killed the day everyone thought she was. She staged her death that day! Could it be that Alison isn’t really dead at all? Is “A” maybe Alison? It sure would explain a whole lost of “A’s” motives.

What did you think of PLL last night? What questions are going through your mind? Do you think Ali is still alive? Share all your theories and questions with us in the comments!