‘PLL’ Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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There's another letter of the alphabet we're starting to hate more than 'A' — C. As in CeCe Drake. We always knew the chick wasn't good news, but after last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars, "The Mirror Has Three Faces," our feelings about her just hit a new low. To find out why, as well as what else went down on the ep, you know what to do…

1. What happens with Hanna? For starters, Mona's still in Radley after confessing to Wilden's murder, so Hanna's mom is able to stay out of prison on bail (for the time being). But when an 'anonymous tip' pressures the police to believe that Mrs. Hastings put Mona up to the false confession, she's taken off Ashley's case, so now Ashley's left without a lawyer.

Meanwhile, Hanna needs a way to get into Radley to see Mona, so she asks an old friend, Wren, to help her out. However, rather than let her in, he informs Hanna that a mystery blonde tried to see Mona the night before — but was turned away. Hanna walks away convinced it's CeCe, but then we see Wren get on the phone suspiciously and lets the person know on the other end that he'll handle his end of… whatever the heck's going on if the receiver does the same.

To top that off, Caleb doesn't know how to help Hanna anymore, so their relationship's strained. Considering he'll be off to Ravenswood soon, we don't have much hope for Haleb.

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2. What happens with Spencer? Still on the mission to find out what happened to Toby's mom, she and her boyfriend visit Dr. Palmer, Mrs. Cavanaugh's former doctor, to find out the blonde girl he referred to during Toby's last visit. Convinced that Spencer is Mrs. Cavanaugh, the elderly man talks to her as such, but doesn't reveal too much information. Except for one comment he makes as he's getting wheeled away; he asks for the orderly to show Mrs. DiLaurentis to his office.

When Spencer questions Mrs. DiLaurentis as to how she knows Dr. Palmer, Ali's mom tells a story of a prank Alison and CeCe once played. In a flashback, we see Mrs. D yelling at her daughter because she received a phone call saying her child's in Radley. But when she goes to the asylum, she learns that it's CeCe on the inside. Ali exclaims that she can't believe CeCe actually did it, and it was really all just a joke to her. Since then, Ali's mom disliked CeCe's influence on her daughter enough to say she's no longer allowed in their home. And we don't blame her.

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3. What happens with Emily? With her house still demolished, Emily is forced to stay at a hotel. That is, until Mrs. DiLaurentis offers her a place to stay until things settle down: Ali's old room. Emily's totally creeped out, but the other girls convince her that this would be the perfect opportunity to find out where CeCe is. (P.S. Yeah, they didn't figure it out from Ali's house.)

While staying at Casa DiLaurentis, she and Ali's mom go into the basement and realize that there must've been a squatter in the house. But rather than inform the authorities, Mrs. DiLaurentis just says that the person's probably long gone. (Wha-?!) As Ali's mom walks out, Em notices that the 'squatter' must've drilled holes into the floorboards above, where he/she could spy on the family. Don't keep that to yourself, Em. Alert someone!

By ep's end, we see 'A' tossing Ashley's missing (and mud-stained) Manolo Blahnik among the debris in the Fields' damaged home. Oh shiz…

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4. What happens with Aria? Besides finding out where CeCe used to live, and that the crazy blonde didn't like any of Alison's other friends — meaning Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna — Aria's really been off the grid with her new boy toy, Jake. However, Ezra may want back in the picture as we learn that he's actually not Malcolm's father. Team Ezria all the way!

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