‘PLL’ Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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It's not easy having to lie your butt off every single day. Which is why Hanna seeks out an old friend to teach her how to perfect the skill on Pretty Little Liars. But even after seeking out a helping hand, we're sure Hanna and the rest of the crew didn't expect what was to come at the end of "The Guilty Girl's Handbook"…

1. What happens with Aria? Something sketchy's going on with little Mike Montgomery. After the whole thing with Connor, Mike tells Aria that he needs to hang out with his teammates. But when Aria further questions him, his answers are vague. Aria soon confronts Jake, since she learns that Mike attends his karate classes, and Jake informs her that her brother mentioned something about his teammates being against him. So when it starts to get late, Aria calls Mike's phone, but one of his friends picks up and says that Mike's unconscious. Aria freaks out, calls Jake, but then Mike calls back and says not to worry about it. Umm… okay.

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2. What happens with Emily? Since Em's home was demolished by a car, she and her mother are forced to live in a hotel. But that's nothing to freak out about, right? At least for Emily, since she just plays if off as an accident — nothing to do with 'A' — and seeks out Mr. Fitz to talk college. He suggests that she meet up with her supervisor from when she volunteered in Haiti because she'd make for a great reference. So Emily meets up with Zoe (played by Rumer Willis), her former adviser, who says she could write Emily a killer recommendation letter in her sleep. And Emily, being the gracious person that she is, offers up her services in Haiti for the entire summer.

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3. What happens with Spencer? Caleb asks Spencer to keep an eye on Hanna, since she seems to be dodging his calls. But when Spencer goes home to check on her fellow Little Liar, she runs into Beckett, her mother’s new assistant, who just so happens to have an important file containing an interview with Spencer's Radley pal, Eddie Lamb, from the night Toby's mother died. According to Eddie, Mrs. Cavanaugh was missing during bed checks, but when he went searching for her, he found the roof door open and saw her body on the ground. However, according to the official death certificate, she jumped from a window. When Spencer pushes him as to why he didn't mention anything to the police, he fires back saying that Wilden is (well, was) the police — after all, he went from Officer to Detective rather quickly — so there's nothing he, she or anyone can do about it. Yeah, we're sure Spence was satisfied with that answer.

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4. What happens with Hanna? Her mom's still in jail, and is not able to make bail because she's on trial for murdering a cop. To make matters worse, the plan was to move Ashley from Rosewood to a different facility the next day. So Hanna needs to act — fast. So she seeks out Mona to teach her how to lie convincingly enough that the police are forced to release Ashley. The lie: Hanna killed Detective Wilden. Mona mentors Hanna, telling her all the tricks of the trade. But before Hanna can utilize her new skills, Caleb comes to the rescue, insisting that this is a bad idea. Shockingly, we learn that Hanna won't need to approach the cops because someone else owns up to killing Wilden: Mona!

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