PLL Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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While we still don’t know who killed Maya, we know who didn’t after watching last night’s Pretty Little Liars ep, “What Lies Beneath.” And that’s something, right? So see what else got dug up on last night’s ep (ha, see what we did there) and, as youge, don’t forget to tell us which little liar you feel the worst for. Ready, go!

1. What happened with Aria? Aria’s love life is sortaaa better than it was last week now that Ezra’s whole getting-a-girl-pregnant-in-high-school thing is out in the open. But when she asks him why he never told her and he says it’s because it was in the past and didn’t matter, they sorta start a fight. But enough about Aria. The real romance a brewin’ here is between her mom, Ella, and her coffee shop suitor. Aria urges her to make it exclusive with him, so now they’re basically a couple. But somehow we have a feeling Ted is not gonna be happy about this.


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Just look how cute they are together!


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2. What happened with Emily? Emily and the girls find a letter written to Em by Maya the day she died, so, um, creepy alert. But also, Hanna confesses to Emily that she and Caleb are seeing each other but secretly since now he knows about “A”. Yay Haleb! And speaking of Hanna, Em and Hanna find a pic of Maya hanging out in Noel Kahn’s cabin, so the girls go there to see if they can find some clues. They find Maya’s suitcase in there, but after that, they end up getting trapped in the house until they scream and break the windows to get out. But wait, here’s the real Emily kicker. After Em and Nate have a moment going through Maya’s bag and missing her, they make out on her porch just as Paige is walking up to her house for their date. Is Emily straight now or just sad? Confused.

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3. What happened with Hanna? Right, so that scary thing that just happened at the cabin? Hanna cut her leg during the whole thing when they were trying to smash the glass window to escape. So Dr. Wren came to the rescue to give her stitches. They almost kissed like they did last week, but Hanna told Wren that they shouldn’t kiss again because she’s Spencer friend but also because she’s “not over Caleb.” And by not over Caleb she really means “still with Caleb,” but you didn’t hear it from us.


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4. What happened with Spencer? Spencer is still creeped out about the whole Noel/Maya thing, so she confronts him and asks what was up with them. He admits to having a “texting relationship” and that they hooked up. So, naturally, Spencer hacks into his gym locker to get his phone and look at the texts, but she finds nothing but Noel catching her in the act. Awkward. Then later, Noel randomly IMs her and gives her access to the video footage from his cabin the night Maya died. We later learned that it was to prove his and Jenna’s innocence — he and Jenna were on the camera, but they went inside right before Maya got snatched up (and probably murdered) by an unknown suspect. We don’t know who it is yet, but we do know that it wasn’t Garrett since the last he was with her was 9pm and the video was shot after 10pm that night. Any guesses?!


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