PLL Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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From a romp in the pool to a fancy shmancy rich-people party, last night’s “Stolen Kisses” was pretty uneventful (and pretty rightfully titled, if you ask us). But whose life majorly sucked on last night’s Pretty Little Liars? We know who we’d choose, but read our recap of the events that transpired for Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria, and tell us who you feel the worst for in the comments!

1. What happened with Hanna? Hanna seems to finally be over the fact that Caleb broke up with her, and is totally cool with the fact that Spencer calls Caleb to help her hack into Maya’s website that the girls discovered (with the help of Mona) in last week’s episode. But more on that later. As for more Hanna goss, she and Wren are getting even more chummy this week with Wren breaks the news to her that they want to move Mona to a facility in Saratoga so she can get better care. Wren volunteers Hanna to make a case to the doctors about why she should stay, then she wins, and she kisses Wren in a fleeting moment of happiness. Oh boy.


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2. What happened with Spencer? Like we just mentioned, Spencer enlists the help of trusty computer hacker aficionado Caleb to help her get into Maya’s website, which he obliges, since he “wants to crush the Mona monster” since he still cares deeply for Hanna. Meanwhile though, Toby is mad at Spencer for keeping everything from him and insists that he’s going to find things out himself. Yikes. But anyway, the girls find lots of juicy vids of Maya and her friends (Emily included) on the website, but refuse to watch some of them without Emily. Because Emily, meanwhile…pretty-little-liars-spencer-caleb-stolen-kisses-0801

3. What happened with Emily? …is hanging out with Paige. After she finally gets more details about that drunken night — it turns out she was with Paige when she was all drugged up and Paige kissed her because, well, because she could — things start coming together. Then after a few brief chats with Nate interspersed (seriously, dude is hardcore up to something), Emily realizes she still has feelings for Paige (as she’s finally getting over Maya), and they enjoy a makeout sesh and a romp in the pool. Hence why Emily didn’t pick up Spencer’s call to go watch Maya’s videos…


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4. What happened with Aria? Well, this just was not Aria’s day. First, she finds out from her dad that Meredith (aka the woman her dad cheated on her mom with) got the teaching job at Rosewood High. Then, she goes to this fancy shmancy art exhibition with Ezra to meet his mom, and she learns a lot about him and his fam, like that he’s actually really rich and that his mom is, well, a real bitch. Mrs. Fitzgerald (Ezra shortened his last name to Fitz so no one would know he was loaded) strangely knows everything about Aria’s fam, like her parents’ divorce and her dad’s cheating scandal, and wants her to stay away from Ezra because she is ‘ruining his life.’ She even offers Aria money to break up with him. WHAT. THE. HECK. Basically, Ezria is doomed.


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Meanwhile, Aria and Spencer get more info on Maya’s murder case. They dig through Spencer’s mom’s files to find this guy Bart who works at a movie theater, so Aria goes to chat with him and he tells her that he saw Maya get into a car with Garrett the night that he killed her. Ah. No wonder Mrs. Hastings wants to crack him.


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