PLL Recap: 5 Questions We Still Have After “The BetrAyal”

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Instead of recapping Pretty Little Liars like we usually do where we ask you to weigh in on which girl had the roughest night, we are switching things up a bit this week. 1. Because all of their lives sucked hardcore in last night’s finale, “The BetrAyal,” and 2. Because since it was the summer finale, it left us with 8 million questions. Clearly we don’t have time to answer all 8 million of them, but let’s break down the 5 biggies we still have after the episode (which, BTW, had us screaming/crying/throwing things at our TVS for all 60 minutes), and make sure to leave your own questions and predictions in the comments!

And BTW, do NOT read on if you haven’t watched the episode yet and don’t want to know what happened. Major spoilers ahead!

1. Who shot Caleb? And is he dead? We peed ourselves when we saw a body bag get pulled out in the first two minutes of the episode with Hanna screaming hysterically. OMG, Caleb don’t die! We found out by episode’s end that thankfully he wasn’t dead, but was still shot (with his own gun) and looked to be badly injured. Who shot him, though? Was it himself? Or Emily, since they were the only two up in the lighthouse together when Emily stabbed Nate? Or did he get hurt way after Emily and Nate came back down from the tower? Or maybe it was the “pink, furry lamp…”


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2. Is Garrett off the Hook? It’s been revealed that Nate, whose real name is actually Linden, was Maya’s killer — nope, he wasn’t her cousin, he was her creepy stalker who was jealous of Emily for “winning” Maya. But we’re not convinced that he’s the only one guilty of murder in Rosewood. Sure, he killed Maya, but what about Ali? Why is Garrett suddenly released from jail? Is Rosewood going to just forget about Ali’s case and focus on Maya’s now?


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3. What’s Maggie’s secret? Ok fine, the Ezra/Maggie storyline wasn’t a huge one in this episode (clearly we were too focused on the murders to care about a little baby mama drama), but we still haven’t forgotten what Maggie told Aria, “I’m not the only one here with a secret, Amy.” What does this even mean? Are she and Ezra up to no good? And why doesn’t she want to tell Ezra that he has a son?


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4. How will Toby’s reveal affect Spencer? Yes, ladies and gents, Toby has been revealed as Mona’s accomplice on the “A” team. We kinda saw it coming once he came back into town and, ya know, had SEX with Spencer, but still, the reveal of him in the black hoodie was shocking with a capital “S.” So our main question here is, what’s gonna happen with Spoby? What will Spencer do if and when she finds out? And more importantly, what happened to Jenna/Lucas/Noel? Are they not involved at all? And is Paige completely off the hook?


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5. How the heck did Mona escape the asylum? We guess the security is pretty loose in that place, because Mona dressed up as a nurse and escaped in order to help Toby execute their plan of revealing themselves to the girls at Ali’s grave. That never ended up happening due to a change of plans, so instead we just see Mona and Toby conspiring together at the end, saying they’ll see each other soon. Oh, and why did Mona go back to the hospital and not just stay escaped forever?


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