PLL Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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Mona, PLL Season 3 Premiere

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Let’s start by stating the obvious: Pretty Little Liars is off to an am’A’zing start! Although the big reveal was less than shocking at the end of season 2, last night’s premiere episode, “It Happened That Night,” left us begging for more. The police are involved again, one of the girls goes a little booze-happy, and what exactly is going on with Maya? So many comments, so many questions, but which girl had it hardest? Let’s delve…


1. What happened with Spencer? The good news: Spoby’s still on! The bad news: Spencer’s already lying to Toby about what she’s been up to. All summer long (this is set five months after the season 2 finale), she’s been going back to the infamous hotel room where Mona went crazy. Apparently, someone came back and emptied it out, so she’s been trying to recreate the room by memory. Talk about determination…

Spencer on the Phone at the Cabin, PLL Season 3 Premiere

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2. What happened with Aria? For starters, her parents split up since they couldn’t agree on Aria’s relationship with Ezra. Then she can’t shake this nightmare of someone attacking her. It comes to a creepy climax when she’s in the school bathroom, screaming for help because she believes her nightmares are about to come true. Still no word if there was an actual person there, though.

Hanna, Aria, Spencer in the Bathroom, PLL Season 3 Premiere

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On the bright side, at least we have plenty of Ezria moments to look forward to…

Ezra and Aria, PLL Season 3 Premiere

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3. What happened with Hanna? Call her Mrs. Rivers because she and Caleb got married! needed a different name to visit Mona at the psych facility. The girl believed to be ‘A’ hasn’t said a word to Hanna since the night she tried to kill Spencer, but Hanna’s desperate to get her to open up. Wren, Spencer’s/Melissa’s ex, is the doctor tending to Mona, so he calls Hanna to let her know that whatever she’s doing is helping Mona’s craziness… My, how little they know.

Hanna as Mrs. Rivers, Visiting Mona, PLL Season 3 Premiere

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4. What happened with Emily? She’s the booze-happy girl we were referring to originally. Her girlfriend, Maya, was declared dead, so she goes away all summer to Haiti, and parties all the time to fight the sadness. Then she comes back, drinks a lot, ends up in an unknown car… and at Ali’s gravesite with a shovel. The next day, Ali’s remains were declared missing. And she, Spencer, Hanna and Aria are the only suspects.

Emily Drinking, PLL Season 3 Premiere

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Oh, and ‘A’ is officially back. After five long months, pictures of the Little Liars at the cemetery are scattered around Spencer’s car, and they receive the best text ever:

“Mona played with dolls. I play with body parts. Game on, bitches.” -A

Text Message, PLL Season 3 Premiere

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Think this is going to be the best season yet? Which Little Liar had the worst night? And WDYT’s going on with Melissa, Garrett and Jenna?

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