PLL Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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We never thought that board games and dolls could be so creepy until last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars happened. Oh, and the episode “CrAzy” also brought a newcomer to Rosewood who’s a former friend of Ali’s, a car accident, and the return of Mr. DeLaurentis. Yup. It was eventful to say the least…

Read on to see what happened with each girl last night, and don’t forget to tell us who had the worst night — plus your predictions for next week — in the comments!

1. What happened with Emily? Emily, Aria and Spencer run into an old friend of Ali’s at the coffee shape named CeCe Drake, who they’ve never heard a thing about. She works at the boutique across the street from her coffee shop, so when Nate asks Emily for her help in picking out a gift for his new date, Jenna (since he thinks they’re friends and all), they shop at the boutique. Emily lets Nate in on the secret about Garrett and Maya and his correlation to her death, and then finds out that Nate is dating both Jenna and CeCe, who calls up Jenna and threatens her to stay away from him. Way harsh.


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2. What happened with Spencer? Now that Toby is sorta catching on, Spencer comes clean to him and tells her about the bracelet that she and Jason found at the vintage shop the week prior — and how it confirms that Garrett isn’t Ali’s killer. Then later, Jason gets into a car accident because he was drinking (don’t drink and drive, kids!), but Spencer covers it all up by pretending she was driving (which results in her leaving her car on the side of the street and the whole situation looking way sketchy to the police.) Toby gets mad that Spencer lied to the cops since it’s technically a felony, but Spencer doesn’t care and makes him swear that he won’t out Jason to the police or anyone else. Uh oh.


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3. What happened with Hanna? Wilden comes to Hanna’s house and tells her she needs to give a blood sample. Since that wasn’t Garrett’s blood on the anklet and since the blood type on it matches Hanna’s (O negative), she could be a suspect. Yikes. Then later, Hanna finds a Ouija board on her kitchen table that pricks her when she touches it. She remembers it was the game that she and Mona played one night when Ali was first missing, and when asked where Ali was, the board said “Alive.” That same night, Hanna had a vision of seeing Ali on her porch, and later on told the DeLaurentis family that she was alive. Ali’s dad got mad since she gave the family “false hope” by saying that, and he hasn’t forgiven her yet. As for Mona and the Ouija board…


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4. What happened with Aria? Hanna tells Aria the story, who then goes to visit Mona to try to get the rest of it out of her, begging Mona to tell her who is trying to hurt Hanna. But then, right at the moment, visiting hours end. Go figure. So Hanna and Aria join forces and sneak into the asylum (because that’s realistic) and find Mona playing with dolls, reciting the phrase “no-one to save Alli from evil.” The acronym for that, Hanna later figured out, is “noone safe.” But was she referring to the girls or to Mona?!


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Oh, and we should probably also mention that in this episode, Aria’s mom went on her first online date, which happened to be with Ted, the guy who hit on Ashley Marin at the Church clothing drive. We totally called that one happening, BTW.

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