PLL Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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Ok, ABC Family — can we just find out who “A” is already? All these clues and all this back-and-forth between suspects is kinda killing us. And that can def be said for last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Eye of the Beholder.” So who had the sketchiest/weirdest/most eventful episode? We break it down below…

1. What happened with Emily? Emily’s still all confused over the whole Maya leaving town thing, but this week, finally, she gets an email from Maya saying she’s ok, but not to tell her parents. But of course, Em calls up her mom anyway. But also this week, Emily helps Spencer uncover a suspicious bag of Ali’s things that Jason found. Oh, and speaking of Spencer…


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2. What happened with Spencer? Spencer (and, well all the girls’) biggest nightmare has officially come true when Jenna and Toby come back to Rosewood and are actually kinda friends slash siblings slash whatever they are to each other. And now with half of Jenna’s eye surgery underway, things are getting worse for the little liars. As for Spencer and her new bro, Jason? Mrs. Hastings is not happy they’re bonding. Well, that is until Jason and Mrs. Hastings bond themselves at the end of the episode. Things are looking up, guys.


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3. What happened with Aria? Remember last week when a guy called out Vivian’s name when he saw Aria wearing her coat? Turns out that dude’s name is Duncan, he knew Vivian was really Alison, he had no idea Alison was dead, and that he was with Alison on Labor day weekend, the weekend she allegedly died. Could he be a suspect? Probably not, but he was super sketchy when he took Aria in his helicopter for a ride. Come on, Aria, who gets in a strange helicopter with a (hot) stranger? And in Ezria news, Ella went to Ezra to tell her that despite what she did last week she still doesn’t condone their relationship. Oh, and then Ezra turned down the job offer out-of-state so that Byron wouldn’t have “power” over him. Yay! Ezria FTW!


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4. What happened with Hanna? Hanna is phone-less since she threw hers in the sink last week (good move), so she’s using Mona’s old phone in the meantime. But in other news, she’s helping Spencer and Em unwrap the mysterious package from Ali when she goes back to Jason’s house to get something to help with their search. But then, she finds Jason’s house on fire! With Jenna inside! Hanna goes in and saves Jenna from the fire, Spencer comes in running after them, and the episode ends with them all in the hospital recovering and Jenna asking Hanna why she saved her. Was she trying to kill herself or something?!


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Who do you think had it the worst this week? Why do you think Toby and Jenna came back to Rosewood? Is Duncan a sketch? Will Maya ever come back to Rosewood? Go ahead, tell us!

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